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inquiries letters

posted this on January 19, 2011, 11:52 PM

i cant figure out what letter to use to remove inquiries that impact my score? im actually confused because the inquiries does not have an acct#. they have only the name, address, and inquiry date. please help me???



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Hi Lenora,

Any time you are disputing an item on your credit report you can use the dispute wizard to create your dispute letter quickly (just like in the demonstration video at the start of the program). Within that Wizard page: In the dropdown menu of "Reasons" you will see a list of common reasons for disputes. Simply choose the reason that is appropriate. In the case of an unauthorized inquiry, simply choose the one in the list that says "The inquiry was not authorized". It's that simple.  :)

For future reference, we have nearly every common dispute reason listed in that dropdown menu, however if you are disputing something that isnt listed, we also have a choice there that says "Other information I would like changed."

As far as acct numbers: You are correct that inquiries wont have account numbers. You can leave that part blank or write N/A. However, when sending your dispute letter it's also a good idea to send a copy of your report with the items that you are disputing circled. Then there will be no confusion when they receive your dispute letter.

Good luck to you!

January 19, 2011, 11:52 PM