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Orignal Account from creditor went to collections 2 times

Gerald February 28, 2011 Latest comment 3

Which is the best and safest site to get my credit reports

Johnny Flores February 22, 2012 Latest comment 4

did not recieve credit report after paying

Tim S April 24, 2011 Latest comment 1

frozen credit file

Divina W. March 14, 2011 Latest comment 1

what if a debt is valid? How do I do anything about it?

nilka December 20, 2010 Latest comment 1

pulling reports

Reagan October 29, 2010 Latest comment 1

do bureaus have to show you proof of a bankruptcy?

Oden691 August 4, 2010 Latest comment 1

I made a credit dispute to the credit bureau over 30 days ago but they have not responded. What should I do?

Daniel July 8, 2010 Latest comment 1

What is the best defense to dispute if a negative belongs to you?

Daniel March 25, 2010 Latest comment 3