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Like all software companies, our support is by email. We respond quickly by
email during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-6 PST). For phone options see below.

**For system security, support is for the account holder only, at the same name and same email you signed up with. Not the account holder? Click here.

All Users start with a 30 Day FREE TRIAL to Try Credit Repair Cloud for FREE. Cancelation is self-service and takes 30 seconds. Time-stamped confirmation is sent as proof that you canceled. We cannot accept cancelations by phone or email. To avoid charges, just log in and cancel before the end of the free trial or you will be billed as you agreed during signup. We cannot extend a 30 day free trial. For your trial-end date, check your welcome letter or log in and click the "my account" link in your Credit Repair Cloud. Forgot your password? Click Forgot Password.

New Credit Repair Cloud Users (Read these):

Sales Questions?

Just starting out? Scroll down for awesome resources!

  Self-Help Support and E-mail Support tickets are free.
Use same name and email you signed up with. Provide details.

  *Premium Phone Support 1-on-1 Software setup, training and website setup/configuration from Keenan (recommended for new users).
. .

Login issues, Connection Errors, Popup Ads, Redirects (and other unusual problems):

*With cloud software, thousands of users log into the same system and it works the same for everyone. Strange issues that only happen to you are usually problems on your end. Read the New User FAQ and keep your browser updated and clean. For IT support book a session with Keenan

Have a Web Hosting Issue?

Web Hosting is Self-Service: Info and Login: - Getting Started Guide - Billing, Update Credit Cards or Cancel. **Forgot your password? They're case-sensitive. We won't know your password. You created that during signup. Click here to have a new password sent to you. Usernames and Passwords are CASE-SENSITIVE and must always be typed the same way.

For fastest help:

  • Tell us what product you're writing about and what the issue is. Screenshots help.
  • If it's a client issue, tell us clients name, what page you're on, what you're clicking, what you're trying to do, whatÕs going wrong.
  • To solve an issue we must re-create the issue. Tell us steps to recreate the issue.
  • Be descriptive and clear. We want to help you, but we can't read minds.
  • Most issues are browser problems on your computer, fix them yourself here

What will cause delay:

  • Emails with no details or that just say "Call me" or "It won't work."
  • Emails not from the account holder, click here
  • Emails without your name
  • Emails from cell phones. They're hard to understand. Please write support emails from your computer.
  • Sending multiple emails over and over. Each new email moves you to the end of the queue.
  • Abusive or disruptive emails. We are here to help you. Help us to help you.


Awesome Resources:

New User FAQ (*New users please read before writing a support ticket)

Are you a new Credit Repair Cloud User? Here are simple answers to common questions.

Recipe for a Profitable Credit Repair Business"(*New users please read before writing a support ticket)

Credit Repair as a recurring revenue business has trememdous profit potential. We users who have thousands of clients on our system, but a successful and profitable business takes time and dedication to set up. It does not happen overnight. This guide explains the steps and flow of Credit Repoair Cloud to build a profitable and scalable business. See Recipe for a profitable Credit Repair Business.

Free Guides for "Getting started" to "How Credit Repair Works" and more."

These Free Guides are free. We recommend them to anyone launching a credit repair business.

Credit Repair Cloud Video Tutorials

These Quick Videos are in the top of nearly every page in the software to guide you as you work. Always learn new tasks with your Sample Client and learn to import credit reports with your Sample Report. Never learn with a live client. If you have difficulty with the videos and instructions, book a session with Keenan

Credit Repair Training

Credit Repair Education and certification for you and your staff at American Credit Repair Academy

If you're new to Credit Repair, we recommend the Credit 101 course at American Credit Repair Academy. *Please note that this is Credit Education and not software training. American Credit Repair Academy teaches basic, intermediate and advanced skills of credit repair to have a high success rate. Learn to have a lucrative credit repair business. Learn more and signup here

Want to accept Credit Cards and ACH Transfers from clients?

Get a Merchant Account for Credit Repair

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