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We don't use call centers or have robots reply. Our development team are involved in support. If you don't find an answer in our forums below, submit a support ticket and we'll respond fast during business hours (9-6 PST / Mon-Fri).

If you're a Credit-Aid Software User:

If you're a Cloud Repair Cloud User, we have 2 options for support:

  Self-Help Support: Quick Videos and E-mail Support tickets are always free.
Please be the account owner and provide all important details so we can help.
  *Premium Phone Support / 1-on-1 Software Setup/Training from Keenan is available in 30 and 60 minute increments. Book a session with Keenan

*Just starting out with Credit Repair Cloud? Want 1-on-1 setup assistance or a walkthrough?

Keenan will help you to configure your Credit Repair Cloud. Learn to run your clients through the system, import credit reports, setup your web site, web lead form and more. Keenan will assist you directly on your computer with screen sharing. **New Users: we recommend this 1-on-1 training. Book a session with Keenan


Additional Resources:

Credit Repair Training

Credit Repair Education and certification for you and your staff at American Credit Repair Academy

All paid Credit Repair Cloud users are eligible for a FREE 20 minute mini-session at American Credit Repair Academy. Please note that this is not software training or technical support. American Credit Repair Academy teaches basic, intermediate and advanced skills of credit repair to have a high success rate. Learn to have a lucrative credit repair business. Learn more and signup here

Want to accept Credit Card Payments and ACH Transfers? Get a Merchant Account for Credit Repair

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