This is our old Support page for old software we no longer sell.

In January 2013 we moved our software to the cloud. Choose a link:


Like most software companies, our support is by email. We respond fast during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-6 PST)

*Support is for the account holder. Not you? Click here

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Support Options:

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 *For Security, support is for an account holder. Use the same name and email you signed up with. Not account holder? Click here.


Login and Connection Errors, Popup Ads, Redirects, Credit Reports (& unusual problems):

*With cloud software, thousands of users log into the same system and it works the same for everyone. Strange issues that only happen to you are usually on your end. Read New User FAQ and How to update and clean your browser. For IT support book a session with Keenan

Have a Web Hosting Issue?

For fastest help:

  • Tell us what product you're writing about and what the issue is. Screenshots help.
  • If it's a client issue, tell us clients name, page you're on, what you're clicking, what you're trying to do, what's going wrong.
  • To solve an issue we must re-create the issue. Tell us steps to recreate the issue.
  • Be descriptive and clear. We're great at solving problems, but we're not very good mind readers.
  • Most issues are browser problems on your computer, fix them yourself here

What will cause delay:

  • Emails with no details or that just say "Call me" or "It won't work."
  • Emails not from the account holder, click here
  • Emails without your name
  • Emails from cell phones. They're hard to understand. Please write support emails from your computer.
  • Sending multiple emails over and over. Each new email moves you to the end of the queue.
  • Abusive or disruptive emails. We are here to help you. Help us to help you.

Awesome Resources:

Want to accept Credit Cards and ACH Transfers from clients? Get a Merchant Account for Credit Repair

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Credit Repair Cloud Support

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